Red Sands Country Lodge

Bush Trails & MTB

Besides driving through the nature reserve in one's vehicle, guests also have the opportunity to explore the Kalahari veld on foot or by means of a mountain bike, as there is no dangerous game within the reserve. This provides avid bird-watcher a wonderful opportunity for bird viewing.

Hikers and Mountain bikers have the freedom to choose the route they wish to take within the 1800 hectare reserve, whether sticking to the game viewing roads or going off the beaten track.
Please ask the manager to email you the GPX files for the various routes to use on you navigation compliant device. (Smartphone with app, Garmin, Suunto etc)

Adventurers are reminded to take plenty of water, as the climate in the Kalahari is very hot and dry. Also, before setting out, please inform the lodge of your intention to hike or ride through the reserve and an indication of when you plan on returning. Please also make sure get a map & to sign an indemnity form at reception.


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